not pictured: fingers that type fast as heck!!! (photo by Emily Iammarino)


Born and raised in Coldwater, Ohio, Emily currently lives in Los Angeles. She loves to make things.

Her writing has been featured by The Onion, Reductress, McSweeney's, the iO Comedy Network, Chicago Magazine, Paper Rebel, Sidewalk Dog and other, more unspeakable places. She is also an artist who draws nice things like comics, cartoons and show posters. She’s a former member of the iO Harold team First Kiss and has a ball performing both solo and with indie team Uncle Garbage.

She’s a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Uganda 2012-14), has an expired social work license and can often be found working with NGOs, so squishy interpersonal stuff is also pretty important to her. Feel free to say hi!


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